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ian wolstenholme
State of Consciousness Guidance
for individuals deeply moved
by self-realization

‘by inspiring and guiding you to see for yourself, you can access your deepest being’

ian offers to guide you through your depths
of being and reveal the deep acceptance
required to allow grace to enter you heart.
recognize universal consciousness

You can now receive online consultations

"Sitting in ians presence is a journey into conscious seeing of reality."

Breath of fresh air
Knife being sharpened each session
I can forgive myself when I’m with you
Life seems more simple
Freedom in understanding and seeing instead of being hostage
Seal being pulled back and coming out of hiding, more truth in being human
The I becomes we/us, there is no I

I’ve only had a few sessions with Ian so far, but already my way of seeing what’s happening in me has vastly changed. Ian’s way of being is one of total acceptance, that everything happening in you is ok. With him I actually believe it, and experience it as well. When I’m speaking with Ian I take on the okness and in that I find forgiveness and acceptance for myself. I’m able to see more clearly what/who is making up my experience and through the exploration of that, I find relief and freedom. When I’m able to breakdown and see the parts that are showing up in my experience, I can then see that it really is all ok. That they’re just doing their job, feeding me what’s true for them, and that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. From this place, I can imagine a much simpler way of being that has so much more spaciousness and freedom in it.

When Ian asked if I could write a testimonial, I was delighted at the idea and told him of course, that I would be happy to. However, when it then came down to sitting and writing it, I found myself at a lack for words. It’s proven very difficult to put into words the gratitude I feel and what I’ve gotten in my sessions with Ian. But I’ll give it my best to capture some of things I’ve taken away! Being with Ian is like a breath of fresh air. There’s so much truth in what he’s sharing, no gimmicks or avoidance, just acceptance of what is. Through my sessions with Ian, I’ve gotten to a place where I forgive myself. Parts of me come out of the woodwork and want to rest in front of him and be seen.

This service is ideal for those who cannot get to meet Ian in his home in Somerset, England.

Skype is free software that is easy and fast to download and uses your internet connection to make free calls to anyone else in the world who also has skype. With a webcam, you can also make video calls and have the benefit of sitting face to face with Ian where ever you are in the world.

You will need to have a skype compatible headset and webcam and have skype installed on your computor.

To book your online consultation follow these 5 steps!
1. Have or Download Skype.
2. Email Ian to discuss appointment availability, stating which time zone you are in.
3. Ian will email you with an appointment time and cost.
4. Purchase your consultation online via paypal.
5. Confirm your appointment, confirming your skype username so Ian can call you at the allotted time.









Pay for sessions, make a donation.

My book "Emotional Hostage"

costs £12.99 including postage.

Use the above buy now button to pay.


This little gem of a book is about how we relate to other people in unconscious ways and what we can do to change this. "All the different parts of us respond more to the emotional energy of the person we are relating with rather than to the words that are being spoken. We have the ability to project our emotional energy in a way that can effect other individuals without our needing to speak". Most of us are on automatic pilot, receiving and responding to each others emotional energy without awareness. Transformation starts to arise when we become awaer of when we have acted unconsciously and what our habitual patterns might be. Once we have identified a particular pattern or script, then we can start to recognise when we are in them. " There are two main areas where you can make a difference. One is understanding what is happening within you and the second is that you can be active in the kind of emotional energy that you send out". The book is transcribed from talks that Ian gave on the subject of enlightenment, relationships and inner freedom. Most books about enlightenment tend to celebrate the experience of illumination as an end in itself. This book is more interested in what comes after such experiences, how they can be integrated and the attempt to live a life of integrity and authenticity. Indeed, living life in conscious relationship to others is a possiblity for all of us. The question and answer format of each chapter draws out many practical examples and the pleasuer of this book is that it does not pretend to give all the answers, but rather offers a direction we can choose to go in to create greater self awareness. This is deep work and a thought provoking book that everyone should read". Mike Jones, The Oracle

"I have read your book Ian and it simply confirmed what I already knew - that you are part of this new wave which engages more directly the whole of human reality, the body and the heart as well as the mind and consciousness. What you say engages a person´s reality with compassion for their suffering and honouring the whole of them and yourself. This allows so much more to happen and addresses far more real concerns than a more abstract truth which however real deep and insightful and full of love and light, cannot reach where that person really needs to be touched. A whole new level of possibility and experience is now here. " Anne Geraghty

ebook now available

inside me

Inside Me. You can buy this ebook at

this ebook records the voyage of self-discovery revealing the many identities within each person.