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Awareness of self

is not necessary to live your life. The human personality is constructed in a way that it can live through a whole lifetime without the luxury of seeing yourself.

The personality is effectively an autopilot, finely tuned to react to any possible situation that may arise in your life. A beautiful instrument able to interpret incoming signals, then select the best available behaviour to deal with what is happening.

Selecting the luxury option of awareness of self is the choice of the few who are courageous and/or foolish. Seeing who, what and how you really are means that you have to allocate a significant portion of your resources to consciously directing your life.

You may not have made the choice consciously, but if you are reading this, your luxury option of awareness of self has probably been activated. What does it mean to "be yourself"? Is there a single function which I select and I am being me in all circumstances?

Being yourself arises from a multi perceptional seeing of how you or your autopilot chooses to react or respond to what is needed in your life.

Developing awareness of self is the function within you that I call the "seer of your experience". Your seer can be aware of all the internal and external functioning available in your domains of human experience.