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the facts of life

Your direct experience alone constitutes the facts that you can rely on. Not the beliefs that are stored in your personality, most of the beliefs that are held by you have been planted within you as if they are truth. Your natural process of verification was bypassed by the seeming authority of the belief donors.

A human beings primary vulnerability is the willingness to believe. You can see the value of accepting information from a trusted other, but this evolutionary storyline allows unreliable information to be received and stored as if it were “the truth”.

Direct experience is how we are able to build a trustworthy set of the “facts of life”.

Upon close examination you may come to see that our commitment to the “knowledge” that we have accumulated is unreliable.

The freedom of the realized space is freedom from knowledge, belief and truth.

Self-realization does not remove your false knowledge and beliefs. It gives you the viewpoint from which to see through the structure of human understanding and behaviour.