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ian wolstenholme is

the State of Consciousness Guide

State of Consciousness Guidance
for individuals deeply moved
by self-realization

by inspiring and guiding you to see for yourself, you can access your deepest being and
recognize universal consciousness

"The one to one work Ian does is unparalleled in my view. I am not aware of anyone else who so wisely and judiciously combines his unique relational skills with an enlightened consciousness to create and share an envelope of self-realized space in which to work with people. "

"With Ian there is no need to be anything or do anything, space and place he offers during the conversations are profoundly catalytic in the days that follow."

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please email ian giving your name, time zone, days and times you are free to skype

you can see an interview with ian for conscious tv at

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the domain of recognition available

to each individual.



"I thought you might like to have a look at a recent interview Ian Wolstenholme did with Buddha at the Gas Pump He does individual sessions via skype..

I have had three skype sessions with Ian and I can't believe how well I am feeling; so much more energy, aliveness, well-being, clarity, directness. I feel as if I have dropped fifteen years in age! At the same time I am aware I am releasing all sorts of emotions, or rather transforming them from disagreeable ones in to agreeable ones! I am feeling liberated in so many ways.

The sessions with him are seemingly just friendly conversations; no heavy digging or questioning, which makes me really relaxed. It's like a very humanistic relational, strengths-based conversation in counselling where the counsellor expresses and embodies deep acceptance for all parts of ourselves, but it's combined with the powerful energy of his self-realisation. Ian is a guide, a friend on the journey that accompanies us on our journey of self inquiry and exploration of consciousness, rather than the usual aloof, removed spiritual teacher who has the power while we don't; more appropriate for our post modern times that's for sure. It's like he is the guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage. I couldn't recommend him more highly. I feel like I have just picked up where I left off with Barry Long but in a much more adult, relational, democratic and mature way where I don't have to hide any parts of my self; a very intelligent process!"