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ian wolstenholme

Secular Consciousness Guide

Secular Consciousness Guidance
for individuals deeply moved
by self-realization

by inspiring and guiding you to see for yourself, you can access your deepest being and
recognize universal consciousness

"The one to one work Ian does is unparalleled in my view. I am not aware of anyone else who so wisely and judiciously combines his unique relational skills with an enlightened consciousness to create and share an envelope of self-realized space in which to work with people. "

"With Ian there is no need to be anything or do anything, space and place he offers during the conversations are profoundly catalytic in the days that follow."

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This interview with Ian was done by Reinhold for Jetzt-TV


the domain of recognition available

to each individual.




I’m finding it very difficult to put into words what I experience in my sessions with Ian. I feel deeply impacted and moved by what I’m learning, and by being with him, yet words don’t seem to come. If you were to sit in front of me though, I imagine I could tell you with my eyes!

At the beginning of just about every call with Ian, I start to cry. There’there's this experience of things letting go, that I can stop trying to be someone that I’m not, and just be. From this place, there’s a knowing that whichever part of myself shows up, that’s ok and is welcome. It’s a relieving and very nourishing experience. This is what I feel in my sessions with Ian, that everything is welcome and there’s an acceptance for all of me; which I then start to take on as well after the sessions.

With everything around and inside me changing, and feeling like I’m losing so much, Ian is a constant and that reminds me that the consciousness inside myself isn’t going anywhere either.



"Ian's conscious guidence to seeing into my own being has helped me to make sense of what happens inside my head."

"I feel compelled to find the most accurate words to describe my time with Ian, as this time has honestly been the most valuable in my life. Being with Ian is a transmission of pure Consciousness, and amplifies my own inner light. This continues for days after a workshop, and in being with him the Consciousness that I am brightens and brightens, and I become clearer and clearer. With Ian’s care, encouragement, and insight into my human condition, my reality has opened into total simplicity, quiet joy, and love."

You have helped me see that once programmed, we continue to believe that this conditioned self is who we really are. And that’s how we come out from the society’s assembly-line production unit, hostage to the the forces of conditioning.
I regard you with a great respect. You really have left a deep impression on me and I want to extend the same impression to all those who come in contact with me.